I have only recently taken up skating as a mature student and however much I love it, I certainly wasn't enjoying the falls - and there were lots of them!  After speaking to Jo she advised I go for the blue Peace Pads and tailbone pad.  I can honestly say they are the best thing I have purchased!  I am still falling and can't really see that changing, but the difference is the feeling when I fall.  I was taken aback a bit after the first fall as I was shocked at how much of the fall they do absorb.  I am no longer black and blue and will definitely be wearing my Peace Pads every time I get on the ice.

A Mature Skater!


can't believe the difference in my daughter's skating since using Peace Pads! She just seems to go for every jump as she hasn't got the fear anymore.  Doubles here we come! Thanks for your help!

Grace's Mum


I have purchased a set of competition Peace Pads, and regular tail bone pad a few weeks ago and have now had the chance to try them with different outfits (and moves).  First of all I have to say that they are made of a very flexible material that takes the shape of your body and fits perfectly underneath clothes, staying in place through the duration of your practice/competition.  They are also washable and easy to carry around.  I have worn them with training leggings and they were not visible, up to the point of having to ask people to check if they notice anything, and they said no.  They are not visible under skating dresses either, as I have tried them with a few differenct ones.  I have also fitted them between layers of skating tights instead of directly onto the skin, and they still stay in place!They are light, a lot lighter than the padded skating shorts I used to wear before and feel really comfortable, so that I usually forget I have them on!  I forget until I fall, and then realize how much shock they absorb and how efficient they are at protecting the hip and tail bone area, which is my main crash site a lot of the times.  This means that whilst falling, the first areas to hit the ice are my hips or tailbone.  The best thing about them is that I have barely fallen since purchasing them and it has really helped me gain confidence in doing jumps, and spins, and added difficulty to footwork as well.  I am looking forward to transitioning from single to double jumps, and thanks to my new Peace Pads, the excitement is far greater than my fear! Thank you very much Jo!

Vera Fibisan



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'they skate with sequins on their sleeves and knives on their feet'

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