Triple 8 Covert Elbow Pads

Our slimmest elbow protection!
  • Product Info

    Our slimmest elbow protection. With an easy pull-on design, the Covert Pads are perfect for situations where "Pads Are Required" or when you're just in the mood for a little bit of padding.


    •Pull-on design sleeve with EVA padding

    • Flexible and non-restrictive construction

    • Designed to fit under or over your clothes

    • Sizes – S, M, L


    To ensure a perfect elbow pad fit, measure circumference of extended elbow and match to the sizes listed below:

    S: 6–8 in (15.2–20.3 cm)
    M: 8–10 in (20.3–25.4 cm)
    L: 10–12 in (25.4–30.5 cm)

'they skate with sequins on their sleeves and knives on their feet'

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