Competitor Pad Double

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    Two HIPeace pads


    Save 7% when ordering two. 

    Specifically designed to be worn during the unique situation of a competition program or event, the Competitor™ hip pad is the only pad of its kind. It offers protection while being thinner and smaller, providing confidence and comfort. It’s nearly 30% more compact, making it a great choice for young skaters, as well. It offers comfort, flexibility, a CambrelleÒ backing, and the same material that absorbs 94.7% of impact shock as the original training PeacePads™. Let the Competitor inside you shine through! 


    The width of the Competitor is 4.125 inches and the length is 6 inches. The edges taper to 0.050 inches and they measure .325 inches at the center/thickest point

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