PeacePads® let you dream about what once seemed impossible and then reach for it. Figure skating and winter sports take athleticism, strength and courage. We want you to dare to dream it, and then dare to do it.

For practice, play or competition, LiveKühn® has the right pad for you.

Imagine attacking your jumps instead of fearing the landing. Skating, skiing and snowboarding without fear. Achieving breathtaking jumps without big bumps and bruises. And nailing that perfect landing. With LiveKühn® PeacePads®, you can!


LiveKuhn® PeacePads® are tough and durable, but they also give you a freedom of movement not found in other pads. The PeacePads® radial Flex-grooves™ are computer modeled to flex multi-directionally with your muscles as you train. Simply, you move and PeacePads® stick right with you.


They’re slim! Slip PeacePads® between two layers of tights or tight-fitting clothing.

Slide them under your tights. With their Cambrelle® backing, PeacePads® can be placed comfortably next to your skin.

They’re flexible – like you – and stay with your every move. Never fear, PeacePads® are near!

Wear your skating pants or dress on top of your tights, and you can barely see your PeacePad®! It’s almost invisible!


'they skate with sequins on their sleeves and knives on their feet'

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