Don't lose ice time in your favourite activity - don't hold back your best because of that nagging fear of a nasty fall.

Ice Halo is lightweight and its closed cell construction doesn't make your head hot; the Velcro fastening makes it adjustable and secure.

Don't You Deserve That Kind of Confidence?

Ice Halo wraps snugly and comfortably around your head to help provide secure protection if you fall and hit your head.

Tested in one of the top impact testing facilities in the world, using the Hockey Helmet Standard (CSA Z262.1-09 (April 2009) Annex A, Impact Drop Testing). Ice Halo passes the standard requirements for front, side and back impact. When it comes to comparison -  Ice Halo products out rank the lesser valued ones on the market every time!


Studies suggest children under 6 do not have the neck strength to prevent a concussion.  It is recommended that all kids under 6 wear head protection.  Ice Halo offers a fun solution whilst keeping our precious ones safe. Decorate with sequins, gemstones or even turn it into a crown!


'they skate with sequins on their sleeves and knives on their feet'

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