Ice skating is exciting and great exercise, but the risk of injury is also high.  Most skaters fall regularly.  Get on the ice wearing your guards and down you go! Click your blades on a backward crossover and that'll see you sliding across the ice.  Miss the landing of a jump and your buttocks hurt for weeks.  Lose your balance just standing still on the ice and you could have the worst fall of your life.

As a fairly new adult figure skater I can tell you a thing or two about how hard that ice is!  

Good skaters have to be willing to fall.  Skaters can learn to fall safely, but those skaters who refuse to fall are tentative and hesitant.  That lack of courage prevents learning progression.


Here at Skate Safe we have put together the best protective skating equipment, plus a few extra lovely things, to help you be the best skater you can be, without having the fear of falling.

Skate Safe was set up by Jo Lucas, a qualified and experienced Orthotist with her own private orthotic practice - The Lakes Orthotics.  Combining both fields means that we can provide the most suitable devices from a medical point of view, with a good understanding of the needs and desires of a figure skater.

Happy Skating!

'they skate with sequins on their sleeves and knives on their feet'

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